pest control whitby

Pest Control Whitby

Pest Control Whitby. The town of Whitby has a varied landscape as it stretches from the shores of Lake Ontario to the Ridges, encompassing the rural areas of Brooklin, Ashburn and Myrtle. The city has become home to a wide assortment of pest problems; as varied as the landscape. Older areas of town, primarily between Rossland Road and the 401, are likely to see carpenter ant infestations as well as many other typical city pests. The more rural areas will experience cluster flies and the rapidly expanding areas around Brooklin are prone to rodents, as farmland is replaced with new homes. Protec Pest Control technicians have been servicing Whitby for decades and your call always goes to a professional technician.

pest control whitby carpenter ants

Pest Control Whitby – Carpenter Ants

Many homes in the older neighbourhoods of Whitby are very familiar with large black carpenter ants. While not as destructive as termites, carpenter ants can still cause structural and cosmetic damage to homes. Mature trees on the property as well as moisture issues can often lead to a carpenter ant infestation. Protec Pest Control technicians have been dealing with tough carpenter ant problems for over 25 years and use the best products and techniques to control these damaging invaders. Call and speak to a carpenter ant specialist.

pest control whitby rodents

Pest Control Whitby – Rodents

Rodents have long been creatures that thrive in close proximity to our dwellings. The town of Whitby and the surrounding areas are no exception when it comes to mice and rats. There are active populations of rodents in both residential and industrial areas and are even prevalent in the new homes being built in Whitby’s north end. As farmland gives way to subdivision and homes are open during construction, displaced rodents can often make your new home theirs. Protec Pest Control uses the best elimination products available and we always look to find entry points and keep rodents out.

pest control whitby ants

Ants Whitby

The most common insect pest Protec Pest Control encounters in Whitby are ants. A good control strategy begins with proper identification as different species may require different applications. Protec Pest Control technicians use their knowledge of ant biology and habits to determine the best method of control. Summer ant activity typically involves both interior and exterior treatments to provide thorough control. Call and speak to a Protec Pest Control ant expert.

pest control whitby wasps

Wasps Whitby

The sight of a wasp or hornet nest hanging from a tree or eave is a frequent summertime sight in any Whitby neighbourhood. Their numbers increase throughout the summer and by August, bees, wasps and hornets become hostile to anything that threatens their nest. They will nest in many areas on the property and will protect the nest with a painful sting. Protec Pest Control offers fast, safe and guaranteed wasp control in Whitby. Call today.

pest control whitby cluster flies

Cluster Flies Whitby

While not typically a problem in urban areas, cluster flies still invade homes on the edges of Whitby in places like Ashburn and Myrtle. They become a nuisance in the spring and fall along with lady beetles, stink bugs and larder beetles. They attempt to overwinter in the attic and wall spaces of a home and emerge on sunny spring days, usually in great numbers. Well timed treatments by an experienced Protec Pest Control technician can provide relief from cluster flies, as there is a limited timing window to get adequate control.

pest control whitby bed bugs

Bed Bugs Whitby

No city, including Whitby, is safe from the problem of bed bugs as they are extremely mobile and will infest any place people live. Bed bugs are able to resist many conventional insecticides, so a comprehensive treatment strategy is required. Successful elimination of this pest depends on thorough inspection, preparation, treatment and follow-up. The first step is always an inspection by a Protec Pest Control expert to determine the required treatment. Book your inspection today.

pest control whitby cockroaches

Cockroaches Whitby

Even though there are several species of cockroaches that can infest Whitby homes and businesses, the most common is the German Cockroach. They multiply rapidly and can contaminate surfaces, causing health concerns. Cockroaches are able to adapt to any environment and are often resistant to insecticide treatments. There are several treatment strategies available to Protec Pest Control technicians to control cockroaches, as each situation is unique. Call and speak to a Protec Pest Control professional about your roach problem.

commercial pest control whitby

Commercial Pest Control Whitby

Protec Pest Control technicians have been servicing commercial accounts in Whitby for over two decades. Whether you run a busy restaurant along Dundas Street or manage a factory by the 401, Protec Pest Control has a technician in your area. Our programs are customized to your needs and we work closely with local public health officials; providing all required documentation. We offer a free inspection of your business to assess your needs and we are happy to tackle tough pest control problems.