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Pest Control Vaughan

Pest Control Vaughan. Like most areas on the fringe of the city, Vaughan remains a transition zone between city and country. While Vaughan continues to grow at a rapid pace, the Oak Ridges Moraine remains the prominent feature in the region, leaving farms, ravines and parkland throughout the city. The pest issues in Vaughan are as diverse as the changing landscape. Common urban pests, like mice, ants, cockroaches and bedbugs occur throughout the city. The older areas of Woodbridge, Maple and Thornhill have a high incidence of carpenter ants, while the more rural areas of the city experience the nuisance of cluster flies. Protec Pest Control technicians have been servicing Vaughan for over 20 years. Call today for a free assessment of your pest problem.

pest control vaughan ants

Pest Control Vaughan – Ants

The most typical pest to infest homes and properties in the city of Vaughan are ants. The best control strategy is determined by indentifying the ant species, as different ants require different types of treatment. All areas of Vaughan, from Thornhill to Kleinburg will experience the nuisance of ants. Protec Pest Control services all areas of Vaughan with expert identification and extermination services. Your call will go directly to an ant control specialist.

carpenter ants vaughan

Pest Control Vaughan – Carpenter Ants

Among the most destructive pests in Vaughan is the carpenter ant. While not common in newly developed neighbourhoods, they are a regular sight in the older areas of Maple, Woodbridge and Kleinburg. Typically once a neighbourhood reaches 20-25 years old, with mature trees, these destructive insects begin to appear. They will tunnel in the wood structure of homes to nest, but will not eat the wood as termites will. Protec Pest Control has a vast array of control techniques to eliminate carpenter ants as well as technicians on staff with over 25 years experience in carpenter ant control.

pest control vaughan cluster flies

Pest Control Vaughan – Cluster Flies

As you move north toward King-Vaughan Road, homes and businesses start to experience the nuisance of cluster flies. While these flies do not typically carry the health risks of some other types of flies, their large and unsightly numbers drive many homeowners to the brink. There are treatment methods available to help control these annoying invaders. Large numbers of slow flies in the house in the spring and fall can be dealt with by the knowledgeable staff at Protec Pest Contol.

pest control vaughan rodents

 Pest Control Vaughan – Rodents

Vaughan neighbourhoods have everything needed for a thriving rodent population: homes along parks and ravines, undeveloped rural areas, farmland and urban expansion. New subdivisions being constructed over field and forest often provide great new homes for displaced field mice. Older areas of the city like Maple, Woodbridge and industrialized Concord have thriving populations of rodents well suited to living around people. Protec Pest Control offers guaranteed rodent control and will assist in sealing access points on your home as part of our service.

pest control vaughan wasps

Pest Control Vaughan – Wasps

Throughout all of Vaughan and the outlying regions, wasps, hornets and bees are a common occurence through the summer. Their numbers continue to grow well into fall and they become more aggressive as autumn approaches. They will nest virtually anywhere on the home or property and will even enter the home if their entry hole is plugged without proper treatment. Protec Pest Control staff provide fast, safe extermination of nests, protecting people, pets and property from these potentially dangerous pests.

pest control vaughan cockroaches

Pest Control Vaughan – Cockroaches

The cockroach is an extremely common structural pest not only in Vaughan, but throughout the world. A few different species can infest Vaughan homes and businesses, but the most likely is the German Cockroach. They are prolific breeders and can develop resistance to insecticide treatments. However, there are several treatment strategies available to the trained technician. Protec Pest Control loves to tackle tough roach problems with our experienced staff and are happy to provide recommendations to help prevent recurring problems.

pest control vaughan bed bugs

Pest Control Vaughan – Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, bed bugs have become a routine occurrence in businesses and homes in Vaughan. They are very mobile and resistant to many types of treatment. Being very thorough is the key to controlling this intrusive and worrying pest. All Protec Pest Control staff have many treatment options available for bed bug control. Should you suspect bed bugs; a Protec Pest Control technician can advise you on the most thorough preparation and treatment plan.

commercial pest control vaughan warehouse

Commercial Pest Control Vaughan

Vaughan has a highly developed industrial and commercial base, with Concord at its heart. Whether you run a busy restaurant on Highway 7 or mange the Q.A. department of a food plant in Concord, Protec Pest Control services an account near you. Protec Pest Control technicians have been working with customers in Vaughan for over twenty years, providing excellent service. We offer specialized programs to fit your needs and provide all necessary documentation required by health inspectors. Call today for a free assessment of your program requirements.