Pest Control King City

pest control king city

Pest Control King City. The beautiful rolling hills of King City are home to some of the finest estates in the GTA. The country setting also provides ideal habitat for a variety of pests. Carpenter ants and cluster flies are in abundance, particularly in the spring and early summer. Rodent populations are also very high with the abundance of fields and farms. Protec Pest Control technicians have been serving King City township for over twenty years. Call today for a free assessment of your pest control needs.

pest control king city cluster flies

Pest Control King City – Cluster Flies

Those annoying flies that cluster on the outside of buildings in the fall and die throughout the inside in the early spring are known as cluster flies. Homeowners in King City, Nobleton and Schomberg are well aware of this nuisance pest and the amount of vacuuming that goes with them. However, properly timed spring and fall treatments can substantially reduce cluster fly populations. Speak with a Protec Pest Control professional to determine the best treatment timing for your property.

pest control king city carpenter ants

 Pest Control King City – Carpenter Ants

The destructive nature of carpenter ants makes their appearance unwelcome in any home or business. They are common throughout the older areas of King City and among the farms and wooded estates of the King hills. They can cause both superficial as well as structural damage to the wood structure of homes. While not as detrimental as termites, their presence can indicate the presence of other problems within a home. Protec Pest Control is staffed by technicians with many decades of carpenter ant control experience. Speak with one today.

pest control king city ants

Pest Control King City – Ants

Ants are a typically common pest throughout all areas of King City. They are found in the older areas of town as well as the newly developed subdivisions sprouting up around the original towns in King. With accurate identification of the ant species, a treatment plan can be put into action. Protec Pest Control technicians have many control methods at their disposal and are happy to tackle difficult ant problems.

pest control king city rodents

Pest Control King City – Rodents

Homes, farms and businesses in King City are all likely to see mice problems at some stage. Ample farmland, forest and fields provide good natural habitat close to people. Also, the large amount of new development in the area is displacing all types of wildlife, especially field mice. Wide open buildings during construction along with garbage around job sites will provide rodents all they need to establish themselves. Protec Pest Control offers guaranteed control of rodents along with exterior inspections to limit rodent access for long term solutions.

pest control king city wasps

 Pest Control King City – Wasps

Hornets, wasps and bees are a regular sight in the summer months in and around King Township. They will nest in landscaping, trees, brick work and soffits as well as anywhere else they can safely establish a nest. By fall, they numbers are vast and usually require a professional treatment of the nest site. Call Protec Pest Control for fast, safe extermination of your stinging insects.

commercial pest control king city

Commercial Pest Control King City

Despite not having a developed industrial core, King City still has several large and small businesses scattered throughout the township. Whether you run a thriving restaurant in town or operate a large farm, Protec Pest Control services one of your neighbours. We will cater a program to your specific needs and provide all required documentation. Call and have your pest control program assessed by a professional technician.